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About Us


Apiprodex company began its operations in 2002, being the firm that set on the market the concept of ecological honey and apiary products.

The company was established for production activities, processing and export of high quality apiary products, origin from Romania.

Targu-Mures, Romania

The head office and the warehouse are located in Tîrgu- Mureş, a city placed in central Transylvania, thus facilitating better logistics and supply of the central purchasing point. Our Organic certification program vises aprox. 120 beekeepers across the country, which means that the organic honey of over 15.000 bee colonies can be found on the European market.


As a novelty, in the summer of 2012 a new certification project was initiated, recognized by the West European market as “NATURLAND” and aiming for the moment 12 beekeepers with aprox. 2.000 bee colonies. Inspection and certification of the organic bee families is provided by ECOINSPECT, in accordance with EC regulation 834/2007. Also, there can be honey purchased from different beekeepers that are organic certified by other European mierecertification bodies, such as: CSI GmbH, BCS Oeko Warranty, AGRECO, Ecocert, Ceres GmbH. Prior to delivery, the honey is analyzed according to the following parameters: antibiotics, humidity, HMF and it is closely monitored to prevent counterfeiting with sugars or other additives. Safety of the foodstuff is ensured by ISO 22000 quality system implemented by the firm URS (United Registrar of Systems) Romania.

The range of products that Apiprodex company can offer includes organic honey in bulk, in drums of 300 kg, of the following types: acacia, linden, polyfloral and manna, but also some apiary products such as pollen and propolis.

Product Range

Apiprodex Company offers for sale the following categories of apiary products

  • Acacia Honey
    Acacia Honey
  • Linden Flower
    Linden Flower
  • Polyfloral Honey
    Polyfloral Honey
  • Manna (forest) Honey
    Manna (forest) Honey
  • Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly
    Royal Jelly

Apiprodex products, with a high quality level, are certified by the inspection and certification body S.C. Ecoinspect S.R.L., that has the MADR/ EU code RO-ECO-008. Our assortments of honey, having the organic products status are internationally reconized according to the regulations CE 834/ 2007 and CE 889/ 2008 and have been awarded at international events. Apiprodex is selling the beehoney in special drums of 300 kg or in glass jars of 135g, 250g, 500g or 1 kg. Labelling of these products is in accordance with the national rules which are aligned to the European regulations. Retail products can be found on the national market under the brand named „Nectarul Carpaţilor” and internationally there is “Karpaten Nektar”, which are protected trademarks of the Apiprodex company. Business activity is conducted on several plans:


Advise and counseling of the BIO operators from the Apiprodex program Those willing to become our collaborators, such as beekeepers, clients or consumers, and even suppliers, can contact Apiprodex team through contact data. You can see our catalogue by clicking here.



Product Technical Specifications

According to the EU regulations, the internal procedure of honey acquisition no. 01/2008 as per ISO 22000 & HACCP and STAS 784/1989

Acacia Linden Sunflower Polifloră
Sugar adultery none none none none
Colour almost colorless to pale yellow yellow, orange to reddish yellow, gold yellow yellow, reddish yellow to dark brown
Smell nice and distinctive nice and distinctive nice and distinctive nice and distinctive
Taste nice, sweet, distinctive sweet, strong flavored, distinctive nice, sweet, distinctive sweet, strong flavored, distinctive
Humidity (%) max 18 max 18 max 18 max 18
Colour parameter (mm) max 16 34-50 max 35 50-70
Polen (%) min 30 min 30 min 40 -
GMO polen none none none none
Hydroxymethylfurfural HMF (mg/kg) max 10 max 10 max 10 max 10
Antibiotics residues
- streptomycin none none none none
- sulphonamides none none none none
- tetracycline none none none none
- chloramphenicol none none none none
- AOZ/AMOZ none none none none
Impurities (wax, bees, wood chips and any other foreign body or residues) none none none none

Technological Flow of Products


Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of registration
ISO 22000 Apiprodex 2013


Contact Us


  • Str. Lucernei nr. 2
    540265 Tg.- Mureş

C.U.I. (V.A.T.) RO15436530
Reg. Com. J26/573/2003
Raiffeisen Bank – SWIFT: RZBRROBU
RON:RO21 RZBR 0000 0600 0322 1967
EUR: RO34 RZBR 0000 0600 0328 5365

Logistics warehouse:

  • Str. Remetea nr. 74
    540264 Tg.- Mureş

Central office:

Contact Persons:

  • DOGAR DORIN General Director
  • SUSAN SIMONA-MARIA Sales Director
  • CRETU IOAN Financiar Director
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